studio 16:19 is committed to making a positive impact in the communities where we work, live, play, and travel.

Because philanthropy is at the core of our business model, we donate a percentage of our profits to non-profits every year. Through these contributions and other in-kind gifts, as well as by collaborating and volunteering with non-profit organizations, we hope to bring lasting change to our community and around the globe.


Community Service and

studio 16:19 team members regularly volunteer their time, talents, and creative insights to help those in need. Not only does volunteering benefit the individual, but studies have shown that public health, safety, and resource management all improve when people get involved in their communities. Each team member is encouraged to volunteer on their own with organizations they are passionate about, and throughout the year, the entire studio serves together at various local non-profits.

Reaching beyond our

studio 16:19 partners with several non-profits around the world to help make positive change for those in need. We know that our community does not end at the city limits sign, therefore we encourage and support those creating impact in our state, country, and around the world. Whether it is by participating in organizations that steer the direction of our profession or traveling to remote locales to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, studio 16:19 has a mission to create lasting impact everywhere we engage.

We have partnered with, supported, and served many organizations over the years and while we cannot recognize all of them here, we'd like to highlight several of them.  Below are agencies and organizations that closely align with our core values and with whom we have partnered via services on projects, or by giving our time, talent, and treasure.