Chandler Oaks Business Park

Round Rock, TX


Located in the heart of North Round Rock, the Chandler Oaks Professional Park recently completed Phase I. Studio 16:19 guided the master plan of the Business Park and at the core of this Burke Real Estate Group Development is a 4-acre open space flanked by a variety of senior housing and senior care opportunities. The design concept was function, preservation, and education via a continuous trail system that was designed around a natural drainage feature to provide residents and users with a therapeutic stroll through the parklet setting. Adaptive and drought tolerant plants provide a variety of color and fragrances for the senses, while native and reestablished prairie land offers habitat for local wildlife to thrive.


  • Client: Burke Real Estate Group
  • Size: 2 Acres
  • Scope: Parks & Open Space
  • Location: Round Rock, Texas
  • Team: Hagood Engineering Associates, Navcon Group General Contractors, LandTec Services
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